Find Your Real Me

Career Guidance Making You Truly Free

The all-new book by the Scientific Founder of Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG), Dr. Thomas M. Brunner, PhD

An Unaddressed Pandemic

For over 50 years, the field of career guidance has been crippled by less than scientifically rigorous methods and the absence of any precisely engineered approach.  A growing mountain of statistics reveal the results: the vast majority of people report not only feeling unhappy at work but bitter career regret at the end of their life. 

To eradicate this pandemic, personality expert Dr. Tom Brunner has utilized his 15 years of intimately deep work with over 1,000 people to design a rigorous system called Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG)™.  To go far beyond the superficial self knowledge people have – that is narrowly rooted in their Ego – Dr. Brunner built a multi-staged system that leads to a true Personality X-ray. 

By richly integrating advanced educational, career, and psychological exploration techniques, PECG accesses hidden parts of the personality far below the surface.

By going beyond personality test labels, PECG captures powerful forces driving your Personality residing in the Unconscious Self.  Knowing your Ego is blind to most of who you truly are, PECG pierces your Persona “mask” so you can utilize your Greatest Freedom: living out Real Me Authenticity. 

From over a year of reviewing the shortcomings of the most popular career guidance books in the context of over 70 years of social science research, Dr. Brunner identifies 7 Secrets to Career Guidance Success en route to your climb to your Real Me Mountain Summit.

Based on a refreshing fusion of interdisciplinary scholarship, yet ultimately offering a structured and user-friendly career guidance system powered by the principles of scientific inquiry, this book is a reliable Desk Reference since it also offers a Library of Answers to Pressing Problems (LAPP). This LAPP provides next generation answers to questions from students, parents, career counselors, career changers and educational/college consultants.

Fresh and Futuristic Offerings

  • The Truth behind 100 of the most popular career guidance myths 
  • The limits of personality tests & online career guidance processes that commonly ignore your greatest superpowers
  • How to harness your unconscious depths to find your most visionary self 
  • How to reliably find your True Calling through a diverse combination of techniques 
  • How to experience sustainable Flow at work – where fun, meaning and ecstasy fuse 
  • How to go beyond enslaving one career mythology by recognizing all your work “personalities” 
  • How to identify hidden yet crippling forces in the “shadowy” parts of your personality 
  • How even your most sacredly held thoughts about yourself may be the most misleading ones
  • The 9 layers of your invisible Perceptual Bubble, which operate to severely distort your perceptions  
  • 10 character flaws that disable even good people 
  • The necessity of a Psychological Expert to turn yourself inside out
  • Why “Follow your Passion” is dangerously narrow advice leading you into tunnel vision
  • How to save money by exploiting the earthquake sized shifts in higher education 
  • How employer attitudes are increasingly favoring credentials and certifications vs academic courses